Product review: Texas Gunpowder

In spite of the name, Texas Gunpowder is actually food. It’s made from 100% pure jalapeño peppers that have been dehydrated and ground up into a fine powder. That’s it. You can use it anywhere you’d be inclined to use black pepper, as well as a number of places you wouldn’t.

A bottle of original Texas Gunpowder I keep stored in my secret underground lair.

A bottle of original Texas Gunpowder I keep stored in my secret underground lair.

” A good solid dusting will burn your face completely off “

Texas Gunpowder was originally created by Whit “Pappy” Pinnell and developed quite a cult following in the 1990’s, which is when I first discovered it. Unfortunately, Pappy passed away some years ago, and so the legacy of Texas Gunpowder was lost. I hoarded as much of the stuff as I could – a mere dozen bottles – and used it sparingly, but eventually my stash (and my spirits) began to run low. Then, earlier this year, I discovered that the rights to produce the spice were acquired by the unfortunately named SuckleBusters company, and there has been much rejoicing in my cupboard ever since.

This little bottle is full of sinus-clearing wonderfulness.

This little bottle is full of sinus-clearing wonderfulness.

A bottle of ground up jalapeños sounds scary, but it isn’t. This stuff is actually fairly mild, believe it or not, and the powdered consistency allows you to scale up the heat in as many little increments as you so desire, from mega-wimpy all the way up to Dante’s Inferno. One tap of the bottle can barely even be tasted, but a good solid dusting will burn your face completely off.

Strangely, Texas Gunpowder doesn’t have much flavor of its own. There’s no salt or vinegar or tang or sweetness or anything else; it’s just pure heat that can be turned as high or low as you like. This means that, unlike most other spices and hot sauces out there, Texas Gunpowder can be used pretty much anywhere. It’s amazingly good in Italian food, especially pizza, and it’s great on salads. Oh, and sandwiches – you have to try it on sandwiches. And eggs, and barbecued steak. And Mexican food. And… well alright, it’s good on basically everything. I haven’t tried it on ice cream but I bet it’s good there too.

Why you should buy this

  • Texas Gunpowder is a simple, natural way to add gentle (or searing) heat to a mind-boggling array of dishes.
  • It’s sodium free. That might even mean it’s healthy. *gasp*

Why you shouldn’t

  • Avoid if you are a weenie (e.g., you think ketchup is too spicy).
  • Invisible particles of jalapeño always, ALWAYS float through the air and into any available nostrils, causing violent fits of sneezing in most carbon-based life forms.

Where it can be found

Also available in red jalapeño, chipotle, and habanero, but regular old jalapeño is still the best though.

Also available in red jalapeño, chipotle, and habanero. Regular old jalapeño is still the best though.

Standard Product Review Disclaimer
No, I didn’t get paid to review whatever it was that I just wrote about. Shortest disclaimer ever.

7 thoughts on “Product review: Texas Gunpowder

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        I have an fun post called Feral Dogs and then another called Home with Ginger, if you like dogs! Namaste. . .


  1. Howdy and thanks for the review! If you still have the old bottle of Texas Gunpowder, I would be interested in acquiring it, for posterity, in trade of a generous replacement of new bottles…? 🙂


    • Well hey! Thanks for reading, and of course for bringing back my very favorite seasoning in the world. 🙂 Let me look around for those bottles – I’ll see if I can dig them up!


  2. Hi, just ran across your site again – update – for those dare devils who looking for the hottest foods on the face the earth, we’ve introduced: Texas GunPowder, Ghost Chile Powder. If the original Jalapeno version burned your face of, the new Ghost Chile Powder will cause instantaneous bodily combustion. It’s 200 times hotter than the original. Be skeerd and enjoy! 🙂

    Oh yeah, the original TGP bottles – still interested in a trade?


    • Hey Dan! Sorry I never got back to you on your previous inquiry… I looked everywhere for my old bottles and I can’t seem to find them. I’ll keep searching but I’m inclined to say they might have been thrown out in the move. 😦 Regardless, thanks for the heads up on the ghost chile powder – I will definitely need to give that a try!


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